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Evassential runs bespoke cultural programmes, summer schools and luxury travel programmes for the Chinese market.


Whether you are a student looking to study and work in the UK or a group of friends wanting a unique experience in the UK, we can provide you with an exclusive package made just for you.

Here we create programmes and tour packages aimed at students, designed to give you a real experience of British culture and lifestyle, helping you settle in to Education in the UK.

Our culture programmes are combined with luxury tours of the UK to give you an understanding of the British culture and lifestyle, whilst also allowing you to have the social skills to integrate properly into the UK.
The aim of our course is to rid you of those worries about integrating into British society, enabling you to become socially proficient, communicate professionally in business and enjoy living in the UK.
Ultimately, the basis of success to enjoying living in a different country is understanding the culture and being able to interact with people. We firmly believe that our course teaches you these skills whilst also providing an unforgettable experience.
Having confidence will lead to success.